Marching Calls

In the tune of “We Will Rock You”

Sunday Wednesdays going to church

Learning about God that we all should search

We got the sword of truth

The shield of faith

Will be putting the armor of God all over this place  singing

We Are… We Are…

In The Lord’s army, in the Lord’s army

In the tune of “I Don’t Know, But I’ve Been Told”

We belong in the Lord’s army

Won’t you come and join with me

Praise and worship is what we do

We want to make it known to you

Sound off 1-2

Sound off 3-4

Bring It On Down

In the tune of “I Don’t Know, But I’ve Been Told”

Ladies and gentlemen have you heard 

We are here to spread the word  

Jesus Christ has died for our sins  

All the children welcome him  

If you listen and watch us now  

The Lord’s army gonna to show you how 

Sound off 1 2  

Sound off 3-4 

Bring it on down 

1 2 3 4 John 3:16  

For God so loved the whole wide world  

He gave his only begotten son  

That whosoever believes in him  

Shall not perish but have eternal life 

Sound off 1-2  

Sound off 3-4  

Bring It On Down 1 2 3 4

John 3:16  

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